Facebook Begins Working on Dark Mode for its Android App

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The dark mode wave is still rising. Slack, Twitter, almost all Google apps and Reddit have some form of dark mode either for its apps or web platforms. Facebook wants a piece of that dark mode pie too for its main app. The social networking giant already had a dark mode for Messengertechwe already but is now testing dark mode for its Android app.

This recent discovery was made by reverse engineering expert and reliable leaker Jane Wong who reports that Facebook has begun working on this feature. Just like Microsoft, Facebook is preparing its apps for the system-wide dark mode that is set to come with the next Android and iOS versions tat officially launch in the coming months.

According to the screenshot, the dark mode has been implemented relatively well on the groups tab of the app. Other parts of the app show either dark text on a dark background or light text on light background indicating that Facebook is yet to refine the dark mode and that we’ll have to wait for longer for a more better looking and uniform dark mode on Facebook.


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