LG Slapped with a Lawsuit for Defective Phones


It turns out that selling defective smartphones can get manufacturers into trouble, and in this case, we are talking about LG.

If you are a keen follower of mobile technology, especially about smartphones, you are probably aware that some LG phones have the bootloop defect. So you ask, how is that possible, or why is it a concern? Well, it is an issue in markets where LG phones are popular especially in the West, and when the problem turns commonplace, users are going cry out loud.

Mainly, hundreds of users in forums and sites such as Reddit have aired their concerns about this issue, with the bootloop culprits being the LG G4, LG Nexus 5X, and V10. Before going into the details, albeit briefly, a bootloop is a situation where phone(s) boots endlessly, or boot into recovery mode rather than going straight to normal mode. Those who have toyed with their phones with mods, root access and flashing custom images are well aware of this scenario.

Pertinent to this problem, some LG users have decided to out a class action lawsuit against LG, and the suit covers all users who purchased the mentioned devices. As of 31st March, two more recent devices (LG V20 and LG G5) have been added to the list by Gerrard Gibbs, a U.S. law firm that is representing the plaintiff. Clearly, thit is rather unfortunate for the OEM, owing to the fact that LG V20 and G5 are last year’s flagships and have not been associated with the named issue, but we guess the net is being cast wide to cover possible future cases should they ever happen. It might be hilarious if the company’s latest phone, the G6 was in the lawsuit, but it has probably been skipped since it is currently shipping to buyers.

LG did acknowledge the problem, citing hardware issues and loose contacts between components. It is an issue that can be rectified by improving the production process, but in the end, it raised a lot of questions about the company’s abilities in testing their devices. Admittedly, LG makes some fantastic consumer electronic machines, which makes us wonder how the bootloop issue slipped quality control for many such phones. Also, negative publicity can impact negatively on the sale of their handhelds.

We will update about the outcome of this lawsuit.


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