Handcarved Avocado Becomes The Subject Of A Photoshop Battle On Reddit

Via Reddit

The Internet is a wonderful place.

Recently, a guy by the name LtPazuzu decided to post this photo of an alleged avocado carving art piece on Reddit, which looks rather stunning to be honest.

However since the person posted on the Photoshop battles subreddit, this became a new challenge for Photoshop users on the community and generated over 600 comments. Most of the submissions relied on pop culture references that we have seen on movies and TV shows, so if you are well versed in them, you will get the idea.

Here are some of the best photoshopped versions of the carved avocado:

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the avocado of them all

Not coming to a theater near you

You won’t believe your Avocado


What if it was a fancy picture frame when you Google  Bing it?

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Avocadoctopus! Run…I mean swim for your dear lives!

What if the avocado carving was a fancy earring worn by Jessica Chastain?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Avocado Carving

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What if it was made as a cover art of Childish Gambino’s new album “Awaken, My Love!”

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Creepy gaming world objects

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Spongebob’s new house in Bikini Bottom

Khaleesi, Mother of the Avocado

Trump had to be thrown in this mix thanks to that iconic photo of him holding a sphere in Saudi Arabia

What if Scrat followed the avocado instead of an acorn everywhere on Ice Age?

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Rose won an avocado ring on the Titanic

The avocado carving was turned into a hypnosis tool

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