5 hilarious posters surrounding the forthcoming Ugandan election

uganda elections posters

uganda elections posters

We are in a very interesting age where social media will be at the centre of national elections from now on. This is where people will discuss about the policies the aspirants have put on the table and that is why we have seen several politicians join various social platforms to woo these voters.

This year, we have general elections which will happen in two countries: United States on November and Uganda this month. In Uganda’s case, the general election is in 10 days and the country is as expected in the election mood. This started last year when the campaigns started heating up and this is shown by the number of posters that are posted all over the towns in a country.

In the case of Uganda, some of the posters that have been found posted all over the country are hilarious to be honest to the point of bizarre. Here are some of them:

Apparently Rihanna is running for a representative post in Uganda’s election by the name Joan Nabukenya. Who knew!


Still on the same location, there is another poster at the bottom of the one graced by Rihanna that features Messi, the well known footballer who plays for Barcelona. In this case, Messi is running for the town councillor seat!

This is my favourite poster. He must be the most honest aspiring politician out there.

Politicians at this time usually beg for votes as they tour the area of interest but this candidate did this literally by releasing this poster.

This poster now takes it to the next level. Apparently this councillor has vowed to defend her constituents from aliens! We don’t know if they are the science fiction beings we see in movies from outer space or they are just people who are not indigenous from the area.


Generally, posters are usually graced by the aspirant’s photo, usually smartly dressed and complete with a catchy slogan so as to woo potential supporters. However, as crazy as these posters seem to be, it seems we have to wait and see if their strategies will bear fruit as the country goes to the polls next week.