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Uganda Passes Law To impose Tax On Foreign Digital Companies

Late Tuesday evening, the Ugandan government passed a new legislation to impose a 5% tax on the income earned by foreign digital companies. “We are...

MFS Africa Granted Payments License in Uganda

MFS Africa has been granted three licences by the Central Bank of Uganda. The licenses will see the company extend its offering in Uganda. The licenses...

Pesapal is Live in Uganda Following Approval by the Country’s Central Bank

Payments firm Pesapal, which has been active for more than a decade, has been allowed to run its operations in Uganda. This follows a license...

Uganda Banks on Temtum Group for CBDC Implementation

According to a tweet from The Government of Uganda official account, Uganda will rely on Temtum group for its CBDC rollout. Uganda's minister for...
Paul Mbugua CEO Eclectics International

Kenyan Fintech Feted for Interoperability Strides in Uganda

Kenya fintech company Eclectics International has developed and deployed a proprietary Shared Agency Banking Platform in Uganda. Started in May 2018 as an initiative between...

Liquid Telecom Rebrands to Liquid Intelligent Technologies in Uganda

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Uganda is part of the Liquid Intelligent Technologies Group. As of today, the company has unveiled its new brand identity; Liquid...

Internet Access Restored in Uganda After 100 Hours in the Dark

Internet access in Uganda has been apparently restored after it was blocked before the country underwent a general election last week on Thursday. https://twitter.com/nazaninemoshiri/status/1351082736073760771?s=20 https://twitter.com/patuhaire/status/1351087296251121666?s=20 This ends...

Uganda Regulator Orders Social Media Shutdown Ahead of Election

The Ugandan communications regulator has beenr eported to have ordered a social media shutdown days before their general election. According to AFP, in a letter...
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Uganda Government Warns Citizens Against Cryptocurrency Use

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become popular and valuable in the last decade and have become an alternate mode of payment. However, governments are still...

Huawei Issues Demand Letter to the Wall Street Journal Following Damaging Spying Report

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a story regarding Huawei's hand in helping African leaders gain illegal access to their rivals' information. The...

Huawei Technicians Helped African Leaders Spy on Political Rivals

We had arrived at a point where we thought Huawei was a catching a break from damaging information and deeds: for instance, the U.S....

Uganda Wants to Register Social Media Influencers

The rise of social media usage across the world has also brought about new opportunities. One of them is extra income from 'influencing'. Usually...

Social Media Tax in Uganda Shockingly Sees Increased Number of Mobile Internet Users

Uganda’s ICT watchdog the Communications Commission (UCC) has published the quarterly sector report for Q4 2018 that is from September to end December 2018....
uganda allegedly wants to charge bloggers yearly fee

Uganda ICT Regulator Orders Suspension of Popular Website On an Alleged Fake News Saga

Uganda’s ICT watchdog the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) yesterday ordered the closure of the nation’s largest independent newspaper, The Daily Monitor. The directive was...
Yoweri Museveni

Museveni Bans Sports Betting in Uganda

The government of Uganda has announced that sports betting will be a thing of the past in the landlocked East African state. This is...
Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Kenya

Data Bundle Price Comparison Between Network Operators in Uganda

Uganda has a population of roughly 42 million and over 17 million people are Internet users. When it comes to matters around Internet usage,...
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Uganda ICT Regulator Compels New Telecoms Investors to Rent Infrastructure

Uganda’s ICT regulator, the Communications Commission, has directed new players in the telecoms business to rent infrastructure and capacity from existing providers rather than...
Project Loon

[UPDATED] Telkom Kenya’s Arrangement with Internet-Beaming Balloons Maybe Replicated in Uganda

UPDATE: Loon does not explicitly say it will launch its balloons in Uganda. Rather, the company met with Uganda's government officials for preliminary talks, which is...

Uganda Allegedly Wants To Charge Bloggers A Yearly Fee

In countries all over the world, the rise in social media use is still a largely unregulated place and governments have been playing catch...
Yoweri Museveni

Uganda Goes Down on Porn with Censorship Demands

The story of Uganda fighting pornography dates back to 2014 when the government passed the Anti-Pornography Law, which stated that anyone found guilty of the offence...
uganda blocks vpn social media tax

Uganda Blocks VPNs to Stifle Social Media Tax Dodgers

Ugandans started paying the social media tax effective from 1st July this year and this was not met with open arms by the public....
Uganda's President Museveni attends his swearing-in ceremony at the Independance grounds in Uganda's capital Kampala

Ugandans to Start Paying Tax for Social Media and Mobile Money Usage

At the beginning of April, Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni stated that he would tax social media usage in the country, apparently, since they are...
Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Kenya

Uganda Telcos Slash Agents Commission on Mobile Money and Airtime Transactions

In a move that might only be labelled as crazy, Ugandan telcos have been reported to cut the commission that mobile money agents earn...
SIM Card

Uganda Lifts SIM Card Sale Ban Amid Stringent Registration Requirements

Uganda’s ICT regulators and other stakeholders have been tasked to ensure that SIM card purchases and registration processes adhere to strict guidelines. The activity...

Uganda Ushers in Dark Era as Government Orders Blocking of News Websites.

Censorship in Uganda is about to go on another level
SIM Card

The SIM Card Replacement Process in Uganda Will Have You Climbing Mountains and Crossing Oceans

Uganda is one interesting country, especially when it comes to legislation and laws. Just the other day, the country's government proposed to tax social media...
kenyans enjoy faster lte speeds than Wi-Fi

Uganda Wants To Tax Social Media Users Kshs 3 daily

Almost two weeks ago, Uganda's President, Yoweri Museveni said he was planning to introduce taxes on social media platforms, apparently since people use them...

Uganda Halts Sale of SIM Cards as Government Revises Registration Regulations

Uganda has been on the forefront in ensuring that its ICT regulator, the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) enforces its mandate, an activity that encompasses...
uganda communications commission

Uganda Wants To Launch its Own Social Media Platforms This Year

Uganda wants to have its own Facebook or Twitter

Uganda’s Newest Gadget is a Porn-Detecting Machine

Indicators point to Uganda being a huge consumer of pornography and as iafrikan put it, "This can be seen in the sheer and insurmountable appetite...
uhuru kenyatta

Report: Kenyan Millennials Prefer Social Media For News, Love Texting And Downloading TV Shows

GeoPoll did a rapid survey on African Millennials from five countries where they seeked to find out their affinity towards mobile technology

Facebook Is Planning To Lay Nearly 800km Of Fiber Cable In Uganda – Report

Facebook has always had plans on Africa as a potential market for more subscribers and this latest move attests to that. According to Recode, Facebook announced...

Google Adds More Locations To StreetView From Uganda, Senegal And Ghana

Google Streetview is one of the best things about Maps since it allows you to explore various locations on Earth all at the comfort...

Uganda’s President Took a Phone call by the Roadside and Twitter Instantly Erupted

A random photo of Yoweri Museveni taking a phone call by the roadside was turned into a meme on Twitter

Reports suggest social media has been blocked in Uganda

Governments block social media sites for various reasons and we are seeing reports of such activities from our neighbours Uganda. According to the BBC,...

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