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App Review: Matatu and Yoza, Interesting Apps Coming From Uganda

This week I take a look at apps coming from 'across the pond' and see what they have to offer. Uganda has been seeing...
social media ban

Reports suggest that some social media platforms have been blocked in Uganda

Uganda has been having election fever since last year and its citizens have shown their interest towards the election on social media. Social networks...
uganda elections posters

5 hilarious posters surrounding the forthcoming Ugandan election

We are in a very interesting age where social media will be at the centre of national elections from now on. This is where...
Uganda Biometric ID

Uganda Biometric Voter Registration Equipment to Be Supplied By Suprema

Photo via Kachwanya.com, Former Kenya President during recent Voter Registration As Uganda anticipates its 2016 presidential elections, the country has been preparing for a biometric...
Robert Ngeru, COO Samsung EEA

Samsung launches the Galaxy S 4 in Kenya

Samsung's flagship device of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has finally had it's launch in Kenya. This follows a global launch and a...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia intros Windows phone in East Africa, starting with Lumia 510

For those among us who have waited with bated breath for Nokia to finally introduce Windows phone in East Africa, you can now release...

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