Uganda’s President Took a Phone call by the Roadside and Twitter Instantly Erupted

Anything can be made into a meme on Twitter

Via Rachel Akidi on Twitter

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon on Twitter until this photo of Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni was posted on Twitter.

From the looks of it, it was just a random photo of the President sitting down by the roadside while what it seems to be him taking a phone call. However, when you look at the photos above keenly, you could see that he made his motorcade stop in order for him to take the phone call and this aroused the interest of Twitter users who tried to come up with different theories.

But, the photo was quickly turned into a meme as people photoshopped the President sitting down in a host of different scenarios in pop culture.

Museveni was made to sit at the Iron Throne from the hit TV show: Game of Thrones

Really Internet, really?

More pop culture references 

He was photoshopped to the moon…

As an object in the new hit mobile game Pokemon Go

In a class…

The next photoshop job was a crossover episode of memes of sort where Zimbabwe’s President’s famous fall was a popular meme last year and it was used in this case.

This photo even inspired people to start something called the Museveni challenge where they took seats to the roadside

The President is actually quite social media savvy as he has a Twitter account and the last update made on the account was 5 hours ago. This is usually one of the fun things about social media as people make fun of photos like this and it would be interesting to see what he will say about the memefication of his photo.

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