Data Bundle Price Comparison Between Network Operators in Uganda


Mobile Money Uganda

Uganda has a population of roughly 42 million and over 17 million people are Internet users. When it comes to matters around Internet usage, we get such news like how they implemented a social media tax or how they blocked the internet during elections and even banning VPNs.

But what if you were curious as to how the citizens pay for data bundles? Well here is a table showing the various network operators they have in the country and how much they pay for the various bundles equivalent to Kshs. The network operators include Airtel Uganda, Africell, UTL and MTN.

Data BundlesMTN (Kshs)Data BundlesAirtel (Kshs)Data BundlesAfricell (Kshs)Data BundlesUTL (Kshs)
15MB (daily)715MB (daily)720MB (daily)710MB (daily)5
40MB (daily)1440MB (daily)1450MB (daily)1425MB (daily)10
100MB (daily)27100MB (daily)27120MB (daily)2750MB (daily)16
300MB (daily)55300MB (daily)55320MB (daily)55100MB (dialy)27
1GB (daily)137400MB daily (3 days)82600MB (daily)88100MB (weekly)55
500B (weekly)1371GB daily (3 days)137900MB (daily)123500MB (monthly)398
1.5GB (weekly)274100MB (weekly)551.2GB (daily)1371GB (monthly)768
5GB (weekly)549350MB (weekly)961.5GB (daily)1783GB (monthly)1784
25MB (monthly)41850MB (weekly)2742GB (daily)2395GB (monthly)2744
300MB (monthly)1511GB (weekly)1923GB (daily)32910GB (monthly)3156
600MB (monthly)2743GB (weekly)41250MB (weekly)48
2GB (monthly)5495GB (weekly)54980MB (weekly)69
10GB (monthly)205825MB (monthly)41200MB (weekly)151
30GB (monthly)4116300MB (monthly)137800MB (weekly)600
Unlimited Internet (monthly)9,0561GB (monthly)27425MB (monthly)40
Unlimited Internet Basic (monthly)49121.25GB (monthly)411100MB (monthly)120
Social Bundle (daily)7/141.75GB (monthly)549125MB (monthly)134
Social bundle (weekly)695GB (monthly)823250MB (monthly)268
Social bundle (monthly)1377GB (monthly)1646350MB (monthly)370
15GB (monthly)2881500MB (monthly)535
20GB (monthly)20581GB (monthly)947
25GB (monthly)24691.5Gb (monthly)1221
35GB (monthly)61742GB (monthly)1368
51GB (monthly)41163GB (monthly)1633
100GB (monthly)150903.5GB (monthly)2058
4GB (quarterly)10705GB (monthly)2442
10GB (quarterly)21407GB (monthly)2853
20GB (quarterly)356710GB (monthly)3426
85GB (quarterly)1234715GB (monthly)5460
300GB (annually)4115720GB (monthly)5762
30GB (monthly)7817
40GB (monthly)8643
50GB (monthly)9055
80GB (monthly)11798
100GB (monthly)13170
1GB (quarterly)1235
1.5GB (quarterly)1372
2GB (quarterly)1781
3GB (quarterly)2126
5GB (quarterly)3197
6.5GB (quarterly)3540
10GB (quarterly)4390
20GB (quarterly)8231
30GB (quarterly)10152
45GB (quarterly)16463
30GB (bi-annually)13719
100GB (annually)24694
1GB (1 hour for a day)137
1GB (12AM-6am)69