Google Adds More Locations To StreetView From Uganda, Senegal And Ghana

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda on Google StreetView

Google Streetview is one of the best things about Maps since it allows you to explore various locations on Earth all at the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC. Google has not yet indexed the entire Earth on Streetview and there is still room for growth in that aspect.

A huge chunk of Africa is not in Streetview and Google looks like it is doing something about it. In a blogpost, the company will now let you take virtual tours on Streetview in “the most iconic landmarks and monuments” in Uganda, Ghana and Senegal.

Starting with Ghana, you will be able to explore the village of Nzulezo which is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as take a virtual walk in the National Theatre of Ghana.

In Senegal you will be able to take a tour of the African Renaissance monument which is a 49 metre bronze statue outside the capital city Dakar and Lake Retba.

In Uganda, Google has partnered with the Uganda Wildlife Authority where now you can explore 9 of their National Parks which is rather cool! The last time they did this in Uganda, they added Street View on Kampala which means Google and the Ugandan government are probably going to add more places in the future.

This process to add African locations to Streetview started way back n 2009 when they started with a few South African cities and now it has been expanded to seven countries. This includes Kenya on Samburu National Park and we hope that they add more places in Kenya too.