Multiple accounts switching has been rolled out to Instagram users

instagram multiple account switching

instagram multiple account switching

When people registered for social networks we have today, they started by registering personal accounts. Some of these personal accounts have grown to the point they have become a source of revenue and acquired its own identity. Social managers have the unique problem of having to juggle between brand accounts and their own accounts.

This has brought about the idea of switching between multiple accounts on social networks. Twitter has had that functionality for quite a while now where you can switch between multiple accounts within the app. Instagram is the latest app to do that thanks to an update released yesterday.

instagram multiple accounts

It is rather simple. You only need to go to your profile and tap on the options button  and scroll down to the “Add account” option. When you click on that option, it will display the usual splash screen where you can add the username and input the password of the other account you want to add. You can add upto 5 accounts and when you need to switch in between the accounts, you only need to go to your profile, tap on your username and tap on the account you would like to switch to.

This will be great news for those people who handle multiple accounts from a specific social network (social media managers). Instagram currently has over 400 million users who are quite active on the platform who will gladly welcome the change. Even as the company releases new products like an original video series and curated video content, the platform will still be an important part of the Facebook’s ecosystem.