It is a bad idea to set up multiple accounts on Instagram thanks to a bug


Instagram 3

Last week, Instagram announced a new update that let you add and switch between multiple accounts. This was a welcome update for people who have multiple accounts on the platform but the update seems to have issues.

According to a report by Android Central, the new multiple account update has a bug where notifications for one account appear on the other accounts in the list and vice versa. If a person adds a shared mutual account and someone else’s personal account on Instagram, this bug will allow the person to see the other party’s personal account and vice versa. The notifications too are pretty detailed in that you can see information like glimpses of what people have commented on your photo, their names and parts of Direct messages.

This is a nasty bug on the Instagram app for a feature that was intended to make sure it is easy to manage multiple accounts at the same time. This is a privacy nightmare since accounts on the list can be able to see your notifications and might prevent people from using the feature at all.

However, Android Central found out that the bug was not consistent in that everything seemed to be back to normal after a day of setting up. Instagram informed them that they working to fix the bug and you might not experience the same issue in a future update. As of now, it is a bad idea to setup multiple accounts with your friends on Instagram if you mind your privacy.