Lionel Richie’s Twitter Mirror selfie is a potential meme


lionel ritchie hello twitter mirror

Twitter Mirror is one underrated service offered by the social network. It was first used almost three years ago where a tablet hanged on the wall with a frame of sorts that was used by celebrities to take photos in events.

Twitter knows they cover events quite well due to the real time nature of the platform and have positioned Mirror as a sort of the new “red carpet.” Celebrities take photos which come embedded with the official hashtag of the event and the celebrity can also add a custom doodle which is embedded too on the photo.

The Grammy’s was the latest major event that was being tweeted live on the platform and as usual Twitter wanted to be at the centre of it. The best place to follow about the announcements on the Grammy wins was the official Grammys Twitter account @TheGRAMMYs and the hashtag #GRAMMYs.

Twitter Mirror was used extensively where celebrities took photos and custom doodles (in different colours).Thanks to Adele’s hit song Hello, the internet has always paired it with Richie’s version and he actually posted a photo on Instagram  about it last year. On the Grammys, this time round he posed before the Twitter Mirror and added the title of his famous song “Hello.” This will be a meme used on Twitter or anywhere else for years to come.

Others who used Twitter Mirror included the likes of Meghan Trainor who won the Grammy for best new artist, IceCube, Shad Moss (Bow Wow), John Legend and the goofy actress Kaley Cuoco.


Twitter Mirror is not going anywhere and as long as there is an event, Twitter will make sure they will cover it using their resources (which include Vine and Periscope).