Instagram is rolling out 2 factor authentication for added security


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Instagram is a major social network with over 400 million accounts as of last count yet it has never implemented a crucial privacy update that has been implemented by other social networks in the past couple of years. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, the privacy update is 2 factor authentication.

Privacy is a big concern online and most of our privacy is secured by passwords. As you know, some of us are pretty bad when it comes to coming up with passwords, like really bad. You should check what some of you have as passwords and if you use some of the password(s) listed, you have a problem. These social networks know this and since they are so mindful of your privacy, they decided to use a magical (okay not so magical) feature called 2 factor authentication.

In layman’s terms, this gives you another layer of security when you login to your social media account. Since these social media accounts have your phone number, when you input your password, a verification code is sent to your phone which when you input, it opens the virtual doors to your account. Instagram was one of the major social networks not to have added the feature and now they have joined the party, albeit rather late.

According to TechCrunch, the 2 factor authentication employed by Instagram is rather buggy right now and it offers you a reset code which you can screenshot or save later when it is displayed. Just like on Twitter, when you set up the two factor authentication, you only need to input the verification code you received and boom you are in.

This is a beta test as of now and Instagram is surely working on it before rolling it out to all of its users. They have to do this to prevent such cases as rolling out a product before squashing all of the bugs like the case of the multiple accounts feature.