Twitter is testing Moments rollout in Kenya

Twitter Moments


Twitter launched Moments back in October which was a way to aggregate tweets in a graphically immersive way. The company descried it as a “visual pulse of what is happening around the world.”  It was initially launched in the United States and slowly released to other countries in phases.

It seems finally the feature has been released in this geolocation on mobile and can be accessed by tapping on the lightning bolt icon ust before the notifications tab.

Twitter moments 1

When you tap on the moments tab, you are greeted with a tutorial of how to use moments:

Twitter moments tutorial

When you get into Moments, you are greeted with a tabbed interface where you can choose to view the Top Stories, News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun. The idea behind moments is to give an overall picture of what is the conversation behind the topic.

Twitter Moments

If you tap on let’s say the Entertainment tab, you will be fed with the tweets, Vines and photos which you can view by swiping.  You can also share the moment to the general timeline by tapping on the share button.

Since it is a test, I was not able to use it to its fullest and it seems I was not the only one who noticed the update.

This change was to be expected since during the rollout of Twitter’s new homepage, Kenya was among the 23 countries that were served with the update. Since the homepage mimics Moments functionality, it was only a matter of time the actual Moments was rolled out to users on the expanded countries list.