[Video] How Drones could Change Healthcare in Malawi


Drones continue to gain widespread usage across the African continent. Last year, it was announced that Rwanda was mulling with the construction of the first drone airport in the world this year. Rwanda’s Civil Aviation Authority drafted regulations for submission to the cabinet that would set the path for the pilot stage this year for cargo drones. The project would be useful in the transportation of medical supplies in remote parts of Rwanda.

The Nigerian government also ordered 500 drones to monitor pipelines in a move aimed at tackling oil theft. The drones supplemented surveillance activities on all oil installations. In Kenya, drones are being used by the Kenya Wildlife Service to tackle poaching. The drone surveillance project which is still under a pilot at the Tsavo National Park seeks to neutralize poacher attacks on endangered elephant and rhino wildlife.

BBC now reports that drones will be used to deliver HIV tests in remote parts of Malawi.  The drones will reduce the time taken to a few weeks and in turn save lives of individuals. In most cases, the process takes up to 2 months. The drone does not require a pilot as the routes are plotted via an app with the capacity to carry upto 1 kilogram of samples.

Watch the video below