Facebook supercharges Live Video with Live Maps, Live Filters and more

Facebook live button

Facebook live button

Facebook has made its intentions clear. They really want people to upload or stream video on the platform. That is why they even prioritized Live Video on the Newsfeed and this new announcement makes it clear they want more people to post broadcasts.

Today, the company has announced several improvements on Live video so that more people can be able to share live broadcasts to their friends or followers.

Live Reactions, Live Filters and Replay comments

When you create a live broadcast on Facebook, you could be able to see a livestream of comments and see the number of people watching the broadcast. Facebook has now improved that by adding Live Reactions that will animate on top of the video, Live Filters that will add filters on the live video and replay comments which will be replayed when you watch the video later. In the case of Live Filters, they will start with 5 live filters and later on add the ability to add doodles.

Live Maps, Live Video Destination and inviting friends.

You may be watching a Live Video and thought someone may want to watch it and that is why Facebook has now added the ability to send an invitation to someone to watch it with you. There will be an invite icon to perform the request where the recipient will receive a push notification.

In addition, Facebook has added a dedicated section on the Facebook mobile app where you will be able to discover live video from your friends or live video that matters most to you. You can perform searches within the section and can also request to make a live broadcast within the place.

Also, Facebook took a direct jab on Periscope to announce Live Map where you can visually see public livestreams from more than 60 countries.

Facebook Live Video for Events and Groups

Facebook has now rolled out the ability to start a live broadcast in a Facebook Group or a Facebook Event. In groups, the broadcast will be shared to the people in the group and in Events, you will be able to share live the event to the people who had RSVP-ed but couldn’t make it.