Facebook targets Periscope with Live video within Search and dedicated Live Video Search


Facebook understands that there has been a fundamental shift in the social media landscape where video is the main tool used to boost engagement on the various networks. That is why they have seriously boosted their video platform which includes a late surge on Live Video.

Two days ago, Facebook made incremental changes to Live Video like maps, filters and more but the company is not done yet. They announced two ways of you keeping up with Live video on Facebook

Live video indicator on Trending Topics

Search in the Facebook mobile app is quite good which includes several categories: Trending Topics, Recently Searched, Posts you might like, Friends Are Talking About and Related to Your Interests.

The Trending Topics section lets you keep up with the latest news that are happening around the world and that is why Facebook decided to add trending Live Videos in this section.


The Live Video will have the ubiquitous red tag that we have grown accustomed too thanks to traditional media. Facebook says these will only appear on a handful of trending topics .

Video Search


This is the big one: Facebook has created a dedicated place on the mobile app where you willbe able to search for Live videos that are being broadcasted on the network. You can search using keywords of content you want to watch and this will make it easier for you to keep up or even subscribe to their Pages.

The company is super serious about Live Video and that is why they also earlier on made an update on the News Feed where they will be prioritized above other content. As usual, you will have to wait for the updates to be rolled out eventually and it will make it easier to keep up with live broadcasts within Facebook.