Huawei Unbundles First EMUI Application to the Google Play Store



Huawei Backup, a backup software solution for Huawei’s devices, is now on the Google Play Store. It becomes the first core feature of Huawei’s extensive customization to Android, Emotion UI (EMUI), to be unbundled and made available for download directly from Android’s main application repository.

Huawei Backup makes it hassle-free to transfer multimedia content like photos, video and audio files and personal data like contacts, call logs, text messages, alarms, emails etc to a device’s internal storage or a user’s external storage (memory cards).


According to Taylor Wimberly of Huawei Device USA who posted the news on Google+ (how appropriate!), this may become the norm rather than the exception.

The move may signal a change in direction of Huawei’s approach to software as it comes of age as a key Android device maker. Last year, Huawei was picked by Google to make one of two Nexus smartphones, the 6P, and from the reaction by Android fans, enthusiasts, reviewers and critics alike, it excelled. While it has upped its game when it comes to how it designs its mobile devices and the general hardware they pack like the cameras, batteries and processors, it has increasingly come under fire for going overboard with its customization of Android in its EMUI skin.

Huawei has had several other applications that are not central to EMUI available on the Play Store for a while now. Like the Director Mode app found on the P8, Huawei Wear, an app for syncing data between Huawei devices and its wearables and several others.

At the moment, the application can only be downloaded on the Huawei Mate 8 which ships with it pre-installed as a core feature. Support for other Huawei devices that have Huawei Backup as a baked in feature should be on the way as well.