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Google Play Report

Google To Introduce Shorts In The Play Store

Google has announced it is working on introducing a short-form video series feature in the Play Store called "The Play Report". The Play Report is...

Google Removes 85 Adware-Infected Gaming, Camera and Photo Editing Apps from the Play Store

The Google Play Store is the most popular and important app distribution platform on Android and its official nature makes threat actors publish innocent-looking...

Grab These Paid Android Apps Now While They are Still Free!

Google Play Store is loaded with millions of apps for the needs of millions of Android phone users out there. Some of these apps...
Motion Stills

You can Create and Share GIFs on Android with Google’s Motion Stills App

Apple’s iOS platform has enjoyed the services of a GIFs-maker app, Motion Stills for a year or so. The app, which is developed by...
Android prevent root access

Google’s Play Store Will Now Allow Developers to Lock Out Rooted Users

A change in Google Play Store’s developer console allows developers to choose whether to prevent rooted users from using their apps in the Play Store.
Google Play Store

Google Play Store Is Making It Easy For You To Update Apps

We cannot be certain of the period when this update started rolling out, probably because Google Play Store and Framework updates happen behind the...

ESET Researchers Discovered 13 Apps That Stole Instagram User Credentials

You may have to uninstall these apps and reset your Instagram password if you have them

Google Wants to Make Using the Play Store and Chrome Browser on 2G Connections Less of a Hassle

Google is amplifying its efforts to address the many issues that users of its products and services in less-developed countries face daily thanks to...

Instagram Has Joined An Exclusive Club on The Play Store

Instagram has joined its Facebook siblings

Google Adds 8 New Categories to the Play Store to Improve App Discoverability

Discovering apps on Android is getting easier.

Asus ZenUI Launcher Now Open to All Android Devices Running Jelly Bean and Later Versions

Other than Google's Nexus devices which ship with the Google Now Launcher, smartphones and tablets from Android device makers ship with their own unique...
Cat plays with smartphone

App Downloads Have Slowed Down and We Need to Think What’s Next

Applications downloads is slowing down, apps in use even lower. What direction does this spell for both developers and content vendors?

10 Cool Android Apps That Are Not Available on the Google Play Store

According to Google, there were 65 billion app installs from the Play Store in the last one year. The Google Play Store has grown...

Android Users Will Be Able to Share All Paid Apps With Others From July 2nd

Some major change is coming to Google Play. As per revised guidelines published by Google recently, Android users will be able to share any...

Latest Update to the Play Store Brings Ability to Join and Leave Betas

Up until today when you can get the latest update to the Play Store, it has been a tough process finding beta testing programs...

Huawei Unbundles First EMUI Application to the Google Play Store

Huawei Backup, a backup software solution for Huawei's devices, is now on the Google Play Store. It becomes the first core feature of Huawei's...

Google Unbundles Calculator App, Brings it to the Play Store

Google has continued its trend of unbundling some of its core apps and making them available on the Play Store by doing the same...

Samsung Brings its Fantastic Music Player to the Play Store

The jury is still out on what we regard as the best music player application on the Android platform. One of Android's key strengths...
Dropbox Hacked

Dropbox Has Been Downloaded Over Half a Billion Times on Android

When it comes to how frequently we use certain apps and services, we can almost certainly conclude that social media apps will take the...

Google Allows Android Users to Install Apps Directly From Search Results

These days, you can get some information you are looking for directly on Google's search results without even having to visit a particular website....

Promo Codes Finally Coming to Google Play Store

If you have ever shopped online (either internationally using the likes of Amazon or locally using Jumia) then you have come across promotional codes...

Google Takes Star Rating to the Front and Centre of New Play Store

Google is currently rolling out some sweeping changes to its entertainment and applications store, Google Play. Most of the changes are visual and meant...

Big Changes Coming to Google Play Store, Teased Images and New Update Reveal

  Google Play has come a long way. From the days when it had just applications and was known as Android Market to 2011 when...

Google Raises Play Store App Limit to 100MB

Have you ever tried downloading a big game from the Google Play Store? Normally a game like Real Boxing will download with additional data....

Apple Music for Android Beta Invites to Start Rolling Out Soon

Apple Music users have had the last 3 months to test drive the new music streaming service for free and that grace period ends...

Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App Trolled By New ‘Stick with Android’ Application

Apple just released its first ever Android application, Move to iOS, on the Google Play Store. The app is intended to make it easier...

Android Fanboys Troop to the Play Store to Trash Apple’s New App

I’d rather be shot in the face Apple sucks! Boo Apple!!! Terrible idea Apple hit a new low Not worth downloading guys! God Awful Preposterous Misleading What are you thing?? No Thanks Horrible app Ha Fake No, we’ve...

Mobile Device Users in Sudan Can Finally Access Android Apps from the Play Store

Sudan becomes the 142nd country in the world to finally get access to Android applications available on the Google Play Store. The development was announced...
Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Hits 1 Billion Downloads on Play Store

Facebook's Messenger application is the latest to join the exclusive 1 billion downloads club on Android. The revelation comes from the guy in charge...
ogle Play Store Age ratings

Google Brings Age Rating Filters To Play Store Apps And Content

The mobile device revolution has it that consumers are barely keeping up with the new things coming and being made available to them...

Android users can now pre-register for upcoming apps on Play Store

Google is keen on improving the Android experience as the mobile platform's popularity continues to surge in various markets even as recent findings point...

Google has an easy how to for iOS users willing to jump ship

Android fans and their watchers can't get enough of the Material Design themed Android 5.0 Lollipop. You've probably heard them shouting from the rooftop...

You can now buy apps, books, music and movies on Google Play Store using PayPal

It was a long time coming anyway. In a move that is likely to excite many, those who have Android devices and always want to...

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