Google Allows Android Users to Install Apps Directly From Search Results


These days, you can get some information you are looking for directly on Google’s search results without even having to visit a particular website. The same is true about products you want to purchase. And it is coming to all of the applications on Google’s Play Store, the hub of all things Android.


Some users are currently able to install any application directly from the results displayed upon searching for it using Google’s search application (not a browser like Chrome or others). It looks like this is a staged rollout since not everyone is able to do this at the moment. I still got redirected to the Play Store on hitting the ‘Install’ button after performing a search.

In late August last year, Google revamped how searches for mobile apps were being presented to users with a new visually-appealing layout instead of boring blue links to the Play Store.


Source: Android Police


  1. Brilliant! I have always had this fear at the back of my mind.

    Please do a comprehensive review of all the e-commerce sites to inform purchase decisions