Android Users Will Be Able to Share All Paid Apps With Others From July 2nd


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Some major change is coming to Google Play. As per revised guidelines published by Google recently, Android users will be able to share any applications they may have purchased with up to 5 other users. Users will need to be on a family account for the same to happen. This works just like family accounts in music subscription services like Google’s own Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music.

After July 2nd when the new changes take effect, users should be able to take advantage of the new capabilities brought to the Play Store.

There’s a catch, though. Developers have to specifically enable family sharing option from their end for their apps to qualify for sharing with the family members a user intends. This is applicable from this moment through to July 2nd. All applications bought on the Play Store after July 2nd will automatically qualify for family sharing. Apps bought before July 2nd will still need their individual developers to opt-in so that users can be in a position to share them. What this means is that developers who still want everyone to pay for their apps will be able to hold on to their apps by not activating the feature on their end for old purchases. Mostly, we can foresee how that will end up. Too close yet so far away.


Via: Android Police


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