Grab These Paid Android Apps Now While They are Still Free!


Google Play Store is loaded with millions of apps for the needs of millions of Android phone users out there. Some of these apps are excellent, and developers who spend a lot time and mental energy put a price tag on these creations for us to reward or encourage their coding artistry. We have also seen some ridiculous apps that have snuck into the Play Store, but that’s a topic for another day.

For the next few hours, you can grab the following paid apps for KES 0, and while a lot of app deals exist in the wild, we have selected the best of the bunch that we think will improve your life in one way or another.

Meteogram Pro Weather and Tides Charts

Some Android OEMS are generous enough to include a weather app of some sort in their devices. Infinix, for example, has AccuWeather that is bundled on top of XOS, while Xiaomi has built one inside MIUI that can be accessed on the notification shade, with colour changes during the day/night to go in line with weather variations. It is one of the coolest inclusion that I love about skins. On the other hand, I know a couple of users whose devices ship with no weather app, and those that want to keep climatic conditions at their fingertips opt for third party solutions. Often, free third party weather apps are littered with ads that no one loves, and that is where Meteogram comes in. It is packed to the brim with weather parameters you can think of in beautiful graphs if visualization is your thing. There are a several settings to mess with as well.

Usually, the app costs KES 200 but it is free for the moment.

Smartynote Pro: Multifunctional smart notepad

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of prose here. This is a good app if you interview people a lot. It can convert voice to text, read that text right back to you with its text-to-speech feature, in addition to image-to-text that that extracts text from pictures using Google vision API.

Not too shabby…


Also, users can manually write notes and customize them with backgrounds, font colour and font size, to mention a few.

Draw Online: Battle of Painters

This is a cool game for people who trust their drawing skills. Ideally, it is a ‘Battle of Painters’ where players compete to make a drawing based on a certain theme. Time is limited to five minutes where players are given various tools such as pencils, erasers, sprays, shapes, among others, to complete a task. A winner is selected via voting. Sounds fun!

Krix Icon Pack

Icon packs add a touch of style on our phones, and if your skin does not support third party icon modifications, you can always download a homescreen replacement app like Nova Launcher to test thousands of icon packs. Of course, this is one the most appealing features of Android as it gives users the freedom to arrange their screens in ways they deem tasteful.

Krix is beautiful and can serve as a change to your customization routine.

Mina Icon Pack

Similar to KriX, Mina brings a sense of symmetry to your icons by unifying them. Android has this problem where app developers skip on material design guidelines, and push applications icons that are just too messy. Mina, just like Krix, normalizes these icons into a beautiful grid. The app is also equipped with high-quality wallpapers as a plus.