Finally, There are Separate Charts for Games on the Play Store



For real!

The Google Play Store with all its glory and fame lacked something as basic as a separate chart for the hundreds of thousands of games available on the Android platform.

The Game tab on the Play Store got its own charts silently not long ago.

Previously, games, under the Games tab, have been categorised by type, genre and other characteristics but not ranked in any way. For instance, there are those of us who would want to play games when not connected to the internet. It’s almost become the norm these days that one needs to be online in order to engage in some gameplay. It doesn’t always have to be that way and users have, hopefully, found the Offline Games segment quite handy. As must have every one of us who just wants to get the latest first person shooters, racing games or some puzzles to keep the brain going after a late afternoon snack. Some must’ve even been happy that Google made it easier to identify games that are below 25 megabytes.

Throw in the “Top free” and “Top paid” that have been added and things get way easier. Charts have been limited to just all apps and there has been no way to tell directly which games were top or otherwise. Without such a distinction, it’s easy to assume that recent sensation Pokémon Go would be top of the free charts everywhere but that is not the case when you look at the all-time charts. At least for those of us in places where we can’t go out and catch Zubats with Niantic Labs’ blessings. You get reminded that, at some point, the world madly fell in love with Imangi Studios’ hit game Temple Run.

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