Google Doubles Down on Fraudulent Activities on the Play Store

Enough is enough


How many times have you been prompted (while doing something else on app) by an app to head over to the Play Store and give it a 5-star rating?

Did you know that Google has some very strict guidelines for app developers to adhere to when it comes to promoting their apps within and outside the Play Store?

Did you know that some app developers have found ways of gaming their way to that “recommended apps” strip at the bottom of every app page or even the Play Store’s own landing page?

Tired of rogue app developers always finding a way to game the system and manipulate users to either rate their apps highly while probably not deserving or spamming users with bothersome messages or just gaming their way to the top charts, Google is introducing an improved detection and filtering system that will see all the apps on the Play Store undergo much scrutiny to make sure it is providing a level playing field for all and that merit and not underhand games, is what ends up being used to reward the best.

“These important changes will help protect the integrity of Google Play, our developer community, and ultimately our end user,” reads a post on the Android Developer blog announcing the new changes.

Here’s to hoping that this and other changes that are forthcoming will result in the bothersome matter of apps that mimick the identities of other more popular apps being addressed once and for all.

SOURCEAndroid Developers Blog
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