Facebook is apparently considering letting people make money from posts


facebook testing tools to identify catfishes

Facebook is one of those social networks that are based on the classic business model of making money off user generated content. This business model has worked well for the now big social networks although we have other networks that pay people for their content like YouTube or Tsu.

It seems the company is planning to change its stance on that thanks to a report by The Verge. Apparently there was a survey which hinted of various ways Facebook could let users make money from their posts or promote a cause. This includes a tip jar, branded content and interestingly enough taking a piece of the ad revenue Facebook gets from the posts.

That is not all, the survey also had extra information where the people were asked if they were interested in a “call to action” button that you see on Pages and a “sponsor marketplace” which is to be used to match users with advertisers. In addition, it was reported that these features will be targeted at verified users and it is unclear if this will be rolled out to all users.

This move makes a lot of sense since Facebook has a huge user base and you probably know several people who have signed for the service. Targeting verified users in support for a cause makes sense due to their influence on the general public and could make Facebook the go-to place to raise money for a cause.

As Facebook strives to be the “Web” for the billions out there in terms of knowing what is happening out there in the world, this move will further solidify their efforts.