Uber is offering a discount on rides in Nairobi this weekend.

Uber promo code for Nairobi


Uber, the global taxi hailing service has been a force in recent times and has shaken the taxi industry since its formation way back in 2009. They ventured into the Kenyan market where they started with Nairobi back in January 2015 and has managed to amass quite the number of drivers as well as a loyal customer base in the capital city. Last month, they finally ventured into the other major city in the country, Mombasa and it certified their growing optimism of the Kenyan market.

One of the coolest things about Uber is promo codes and although it is not a new thing in the industry, it has enabled customers to get discounts or free rides altogether. Corporations can sign up to have their own promo code or Uber can come up with theirs and this article is dedicated for the latter.

Uber has decided to give customers based in Nairobi a discounted rate in Nairobi which comes up as a pop up when you open the app:

Uber promo code for Nairobi

The promotion is a sweet one indeed. Uber is offering upto 20% off Uber rides you will make this weekend which is available when you enter the promo code NBO20. That is not all, the discount is limited to 6 rides made within the weekend and it expires at midnight tomorrow.

This is one of the moves by the company to sign up or retain customers in its platform. The last time they made a generous campaign like this, they offered 6 days of free rides to customers in Mombasa. As Uber continues to compete with the indigenous taxi drivers and players like Mara Moja, we have seen how difficult this market is and that is why Easy Taxi may be out of the African market altogether.