Facebook is reportedly developing a stand alone camera app


Facebook's New Notification tab update

In the beginning, Facebook was way simpler than it is right now where it was focused in making sure that people generate content and see your friend’s posts. Over time, the company has tweaked the News Feed algorithm where currently feeds you with content you will probably engage thanks to your activity.

Now the company is being reported to be working on a product that is aimed at encouraging people to generate content. According to the WSJ, Facebook is creating a stand alone camera app developed by the company’s sharing team that is similar to Snapchat’s which is aimed at encouraging people to upload photos and create videos. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment about the plans of the product to the publication but said that the level of sharing on the platform is similar to levels in prior years.

The company has been rolling out features like Live Video which is a move by the company to take the lead in offering people the ability to broadcast live to their friends or fans. They also tweaked the News Feed after noticing that people use it a lot which led to Live Video being given priority. Since Live Video improves the total time spent on the network and general engagement, this product seems like a good idea.

However, do not expect this product to come soon as according to the insiders who gave WSJ the tip, the app is still in its early stages and may never be eventually released.