Instagram is testing 3 new additions to the profile bio targeted for businesses



Instagram has over 400 million active users and it is becoming an important cash cow for its mothership Facebook. Thanks to its unique layout, relatively large user base and connection with Facebook, it has attracted quite the number of active advertisers which is actually larger than Twitter’s.

Since now Facebook has properly monetized Instagram, it is now focusing on how to make the experience better for the potential customers within the ecosystem. One of the biggest caveats of Instagram is the limited profile options and the company seems to be rectifying that.

According to Later, Instagram is testing new profile bios that will make it similar to what we see on Facebook pages.

There are several changes to this new profile in the test:

  • Contact button that is placed adjacent to the following button so that you can contact the business or individual.
  • Business category where in this case its Health/Wellness Website
  • Location tag under the website of the business to show where the business is located.

The publication also revealed that when you click on the contact button, you will be prompted to either email the business or to be served with directions. When you click on the location tag, it will show you where the business is located and this will work perfectly with businesses with premises.

Since this is a test, it is available to a small group of users and you can be sure they will rollout to businesses worldwide later on. The last test the company was spotted doing involved an updated icon pack and a black & white theme and we are yet to get that. This latest test however will firmly solidify Instagram’s placing in the ecommerce stage and will attract more businesses to their platform hence bigger fortunes for Facebook.