Here is a list of the top searches Kenyans made on Google in April


Google search results for a country are usually quite revealing and interesting at the same time and the company usually avails this data monthly. We are already in a new month and the company has revealed the most searched topics done by Kenyans for the month of April.

April was one eventful month which unfortunately included celebrity deaths which were actually the top trending searches for the month. Here is the list:

The late Papa Wemba

The untimely death of  of the popular Rhumba musician was the most searched topic by Kenyans on April. He died on 24 April and social media was awash with tributes on its honour.

 The late Lucy Kibaki

The late Lucy Kibaki, Kenya’s Former First Lady death was a shock to many and this news led it to be the second most trending search topic for the month of April.


The late singer was a pop icon from the US and his death at his home in Minneapolis was the third most searched topic and one of the top searches in the world

Chase Bank

Chase Bank had quite the rollercoaster of a month where it was placed under receivership . It was one of the hot topics on social media and its customers expressed concern over its closure. Fortunately, it was reopened much to the joy of its customers and all this activity led it to occupy the 4th place.

Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru’s wedding.

Safaricom’s CEO’s wedding was a surprise to many on social media where we saw photos from the event being posted on April 3rd. It led to a huge discussion on social media and that is why it is one of the top searches for the month.

Other searches that fill up the 5 other slots include: Beyonce’s Lemonade album; the Panama Papers data dump; Rachel Roy, who people thought was Becky with the good hair from Beyonce’s latest album; Influenza, thanks to an outbreak in Nakuru and Mall of Africa, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in South Africa.

Other interesting searches are of the What is format and of the How to format:

What is..

  • the time in (San Francisco, Tennessee, California)
  • receivership
  • Coachella
  • the exchange rate of dollar in Kenya
  • influenza
  • Panama Papers
  • african philosophy
  • peasant farming
  • disability
  • cold war

How to…

  • be a better man
  • make minion quotes
  • apply for USA scholarship
  • prepare minced meat
  • create email address
  • develop an app
  • soften free range chicken
  • make money with Google AdSense
  • make marble cake
  • pay electricity bill online