Microsoft is Pulling Controversial Windows 10 Feature



Remember that Windows 10 feature that allowed you to share Wi-Fi credentials with friends on Facebook, Skype and other places as well as automatically connecting your PC to any open hotspots? It’s going away.

The feature is not part of the latest update available to Windows insiders (build 14342).

Microsoft has acknowledged that the feature will be pulled from Windows 10 when the company eventually rolls out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in a few months.

Not the entire Wi-Fi Sense is being pulled, though. That one bit that allowed you to share your connection’s login credentials with friends is the one going away. When turned on, Wi-Fi Sense will still connect to any open hotspots.

Why did Microsoft think we all like sharing our Wi-Fi?

Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, writing on the official Windows blog as part of the release notes of the new update, says that the decision to pull the feature was informed by users’ actions. Users were not using it.

We have removed the Wi-Fi Sense feature that allows you to share Wi-Fi networks with your contacts and to be automatically connected to networks shared by your contacts. The cost of updating the code to keep this feature working combined with low usage and low demand made this not worth further investment.