Game of Thrones opening sequence is one of the top 360 ° videos on Facebook

game of thrones

game of thrones

360 ° video is awesome thanks to how immersive the content is when compared to regular videos. YouTube supported it first then Facebook later on and has become of the best ways to consume video content on the platform.

In the case of Facebook, they launched it on September last year and I immediately loved it thanks to the ability to pan around the video smoothly on my phone thanks to the inbuilt gyroscope. You can also drag your finger around the video to view the various angles. Oculus is part of the experience too since it is a Facebook subsidiary and using a Oculus Rift or a Samsung Gear VR, you can experience these videos even better than the other method. All these videos can be found on the Oculus Video App on the Gear VR and Rift under Faebook 360 channel which could appeal to owners with supported devices to view these content.

Facebook has tracked 360 ° videos from all genres: sports, fashion, nature and entertainment and was able to come up with a list of the 10 most popular videos in this format. Interestingly, Facebook ranked the videos in terms of time spent and alphabetically but not necessarily according to the total number of views. Anyway, these are the top 360 degree videos and it is recommended you watch them on the official Facebook app (looks way better that way). Of all the videos listed, the Game of Thrones is my favourite with the Nat Geo video of the Devil’s Pool a close second.