Sony’s Xperia C, E and M Series to Follow Xperia Z Series Devices to the Graveyard


Reports emerging from the East point to Sony ditching everything else to just focus on its new Xperia X device lineup. The company is said to not be keen on releasing new devices under its C, E and M series where it has previously offered mid-range smartphones.

Sony may be planning on using the Xperia X branding across its entire device range. This means that all devices whether high-end, mid-range or entry-level, will arrive as Xperia X instead of Xperia X being a specific range.


From leaked images of what appear to be official slides at a company briefing (see image above), this is all part of Sony Mobile’s strategic plans. The current one, running from this year through to 2018 (3 years), is what is being credited with these rumoured upcoming changes.

Immediately after launching the Xperia X lineup at MWC earlier in the year, Sony went ahead to confirm to several media outlets that it was no longer going to release devices under its Xperia Z premium range anymore. [Read our eulogy here.]

Recent rumours and wild spottings of purported upcoming Xperia C devices seem to conflict with this information so we may have to wait for the company to release some official communication before taking anything as the gospel truth.


Source: Xperia Blog