Facebook is testing a way to attach videos to comments

adding videos to comments on Facebook

Commenting on posts is one of the core features of Facebook and for a while, it has always been basic where you just leave a text comment on a post. It was later updated to include the addition of photos in the comments section as well as the ability to reply to someone separately within chats. It seems now Facebook now wants to take that to the next level by allowing you to attach a video to a comment.

According to Venture Beat, a spokesperson shed more light to the new feature which is being tested to a number of users.

This is a part of an effort to give people different tools to share fun, expressive content with their friends on Facebook.

Apparently the feature is being tested on both the iOS and Android Facebook apps in the mobile front as well as on the web. As you can see from the above tweet, there is no special button to add a video where you only need to use the available camera icon on the comments to attach the video. This would be great if you wanted to show your friend or brand a certain video that could be of importance to them.

Facebook is betting big on video and the company revealed that over 8 billion views are made on its platform. This does not include the recent surge in the rollout of Live Video which generates even more engagement and was given priority on the NewsFeed. YouTube apparently rolled out a feature to a few users that includes such sharing on the platform and we can only speculate it is geared to increase engagement on the platform.