A robber was caught thanks to Facebook’s People you may know” feature


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Small world, isn’t it? You’ve probably heard that phrase from a random conversation with your friends when you meet them in real life. But, social media has made the world even “smaller” thanks to the easy way we can find each other and communicate. Facebook is the biggest social media network and it is highly likely you may find someone you know within the platform.

One of the most interesting features found in Facebook is the “People You May Know” feature. It helps you identify people Facebook thinks you might know so that you can befriend them. It has become scaringly accurate over the years and in an interesting case, it was used to catch a robber.

According to the BBC,  a robber by the name Omar Famuyide was among a two man gang who threatened some women in some suite in Birmingham and  a month later on stole a car from a certain man. In the second case, the car was found two days later with the gun he used in the suite he threatened some women in the first case. Here is where it gets interesting: The victim in the second incident, the man, recognized Omar “by coincidence” on Facebook on “people you may know” which the authorities claim that it was “a crucial part of the investigation and the final piece of the jigsaw.”

This is a very convoluted twist of events in which starred a man with a very good memory, a dumb robber with a Facebook account and a dash of good luck. This also affirms a recent joke about the people you may know feature: You meet a random person in real life and you will find them within that section when you login on Facebook.