Google’s Search Bar on Android Smartphones to Get Nearby and History Tabs



Google appears to be on course to finally roll out a feature that has been spotted on and off and rumoured for a while now: the addition of nearby and history to its popular search widget. While Google has experimented with a different approach previously, the latest trial as spotted by a hawk-eyed user on Reddit involves the use of a tabbed interface instead of shortcuts.


While widgets have been on Android for like forever, they are used interchangeably and none is as widely used as the Google search bar. That is mainly because we need to search for just about everything today. Google knows that and wants to even make the process easier, something that is welcome, hence the upcoming change.

This feature may likely become available to everyone soon or not since Google appears to be just conducting random tests and not yet committed to anything. We’ll keep our tabs on this one.

Source: Reddit