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Google AI-Powered Search Intros Additional Coding Capabilities and AI Summaries on Articles

Google Search is rolling out additional generative AI features in its AI-powered Search experience dubbed Search Generative Experience (SGE). The new updates will include...
Google Building with logo

Google New Search Updates Bring More User Control to Search Results

Google is introducing new features in Search to help users stay in control of their private information, privacy and online safety. With the new...
Google Search predictive AI

Google Search: 4 Takeaways from Google’s New AI Integration

Simply put Magi means Magic. The new AI-powered Google Search Engine that was rumored to be under Project Magi was announced yesterday. However, access...

KCPE Results, Vladimir Putin Most Searched Keywords in Kenya in March 2022

Google search trends in Kenya show that the Forest road video, Winter paralympics, KCPE results 2022, International Women's Day, and Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine...

Kenyans Love Their Football, and Want to Know How to Avoid COVID-19 in Recent Search Metrics

Search giant Google releases some of the most searched terms over a given period for different territories across the globe. The stats (March 2020) have...
Huawei Search

Huawei Search is a Possible Google Search Replacement App for Future Smartphones

At the risk of flogging a dead horse, I m going to remind you that Huawei and the U.S. are not great buddies at...
Google Chrome Watchlist Succession

Watchlist Will Let You Keep up With Succession Straight From Google’s Search

Google's search function on the web and its apps provides so much information thanks to the Knowledge panel. Google Search is about to get...

Google Tracks You Even If Your Location Settings Are Off, But There is A Fix

The modern world’s businesses realized the value of data and information long before other players grasped the importance of those commodities. Data, obviously, can...
Google search lite

Google is Testing Search Lite, a Data Friendly Version for Slow Networks

This is good news for people running slow hardware and on slow networks

Mobile Search and Google Maps Gain Q&A Feature for Business Listings and Places

In the coming days, users and serial globetrotters will be able to get their queries answered within local business listings on mobile search and...

Google App for Android Tuned to Be More Efficient in Spotty Network Situations

This feature won’t drain your battery, says Google. It will even be economical with your data.

Google’s Search Bar on Android Smartphones to Get Nearby and History Tabs

Google appears to be on course to finally roll out a feature that has been spotted on and off and rumoured for a while now:...

Google Updates Search App, Beautiful Cards to Now Display Weather Conditions

How you get your weather information when you use the Google search application is about to change. Google will now show you some good-looking...

Google Makes it Easy to Search, Download and Organize Images on Mobile

We all use Google search for various reasons. For those that use it for checking out images of things like in my case new...

Google’s Search App is Getting Better, Can Now Answer All Your Complex Questions

How often do you use the Google app on your phone to ask questions like how high Mount Kenya rises above sea level or...

More than Half of Google’s 100 Billion Searches a Month are on Mobile Searches

Google is by far the world’s leading search engine to the point that many refer to the act of searching on the web as...

Constitutions of 13 Countries Will Now Show Up Directly in Google Search Results

The constitutions of 13 countries including the United States will now show up directly in Google search results after the search giant added them. Partnering...

Google Search now available in Somali

Just a few years after launching Google Search in Kiswahili, Google has now launched Google Search in Somali. Google seeks to enable more Somali speakers to use...

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