Watchlist Will Let You Keep up With Succession Straight From Google’s Search

Google Chrome Watchlist Succession

Google Chrome Watchlist Succession

Google’s search function on the web and its apps provides so much information thanks to the Knowledge panel. Google Search is about to get better for those who follow Tv shows and movies with the Watchlist feature.

When you search for a show like Little Women, Google provides the episodes and seasons that tv show is currently in with brief description about each. We now know Google is working to add the Watchlist feature that shows up in a bookmark icon next to the regular info. There’s a Watched it checkmark sits besides it too.Watchlist Google Search

You’ll soon be able to add your tv show and or movie to your watchlist. This feature will now remove the need to have a separate app to follow your shows and get notified when new episodes or seasons come out so you can watch them in their respective streaming services or cable TV.

For movies still showing, you can purchase tickets too.

This new feature is no surprise as Google already provides suggested image collections for content like memes that people can save for later. The bookmarking feature is on Maps too.

This feature also comes in handy for Google as users can purchase tv shows and movies in their watchlists from YouTube or Google Play Movies.

The feature has been spotted by users on social platforms like Reddit and is available on Google Search on mobile and ita iOS and Android apps.

Hopefully, Google rolls it for more users globally so we can actually Keep up with the Kardashians.


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