Google is Testing Search Lite, a Data Friendly Version for Slow Networks

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Google search lite

Since the eruption of apps being the way of life on smartphones, developers have piled on features upon features and have made these apps rather bloated. This is true for social networking apps and they only run well when you have good speeds and have powerful hardware under the hood of your smartphone.

However, a lot of people out there cannot afford powerful smartphones and don’t have fast Internet speeds. This has warranted the need to have stripped down apps that offer the basic services of the main app but for people who have basic phones and have slow network speeds.

The Google app has been part of the G-apps on Android and it allows one to search stuff on the Internet, read news and so much more. The guys over at AndroidPolice have now found out that the Search giant is now testing a lite version of the Search app which is being tested in Asia.

When you download the app (via APK Mirror). you are greeted with a simple layout that initially requests you to change your language. Happily, the default language is in English.

Google Search Lite

The second screenshot shows the layout of Search Lite and shows the basic services Google offers its users: Search, News, Images, Weather, Top Sites, Nearby, Translate and Offline Pages.

You can even customize it further under Personalize where you can choose a wallpaper for the app, change the language and even use lite web pages to save even more data while surfing.

This is a great app by Google and it would be a great addition to the targeted user base. The current app is “experimental” as the tag says