Google’s Search App is Getting Better, Can Now Answer All Your Complex Questions


How the Google app understands complex questions

How often do you use the Google app on your phone to ask questions like how high Mount Kenya rises above sea level or when the Queen of England ascended to the throne? No matter the case, such queries on the application have been limited, somehow. They could not be placed into context. For instance, it couldn’t directly give you a response if you asked it who was the Prime Minister of India when the Indian hockey team won the World Cup in 1975. Now, thanks to an update to its underlying algorithms, that is possible.

According to Google, its search application is following a natural maturity curve as it gets better with time, likening it to human growth.

Just as a child first talks about single items like “mama” or “car,” the Knowledge Graph started by providing information on individual entities like “Barack Obama” or “Shah Rukh Khan.” We graduated to answering simple questions about those entities, so you could ask “How old is Stan Lee?” or “What did Leonardo da Vinci invent?” We soon got a little smarter, so if you asked “What are the ingredients for a screwdriver?”, we understood you meant the cocktail and not the tool.

Now we’re “growing up” just a little more. The Google app is starting to truly understand the meaning of what you’re asking. We can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece…

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