Kenyans Love Their Football, and Want to Know How to Avoid COVID-19 in Recent Search Metrics


Search giant Google releases some of the most searched terms over a given period for different territories across the globe.

The stats (March 2020) have been released for Kenya, and for the most part, some of you can figure out what locals were searching for online using the world’s most popular search tool.

To this end, it has not surprised anyone that the football craze features heavily over the period under review. Kenyans love their football, especially the English Premier League, among other popular leagues in Europe. The Chelsea vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Manchester City search queries features heavily in the sports section, and effectively scooped the top spot for March.

The second position was taken by – yes you guessed it, Coronavirus. The pandemic is spinning things out of control, and has seen some of the world’s most powerful economies enforce tough measures such as lockdowns to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

“Kenyans wanted to know more about the symptoms of this disease and if there is a vaccine available. Kenyans also searched for information on the disease in Italy, one of the worst hit nations in Europe,” reads a report from Google.

Country Music legend Kenny Rodgers came in third, following his passing at the age of 81.

The fourth spot was occupied by Aurlus Mabele, the DRC national and Soukous musician who passed away in France following a COVID-19 infection.

Remember Alphabet and Telkom Kenya’s internet-beaming balloon project aka Project Loon that was conceptualized to address connectivity issues in remote and underserved areas? It was the fifth most searched item in March 2020.

The rest of the ranking is summarized below:

Top Trending Searches

  1. Chelsea vs Liverpool, Manchester United vs Manchester City
  2. Coronavirus update
  3. Kenny Rogers
  4. Aurlus Mabele
  5. Loon
  6. Hantavirus
  7. Mutahi Kagwe
  8. Idris Elba
  9. Asteroid
  10. Sanitiser, How to Make Sanitiser

Top ‘How to’ Searches

  1. How to prevent coronavirus
  2. How to file KRA returns
  3. How to check CRB status
  4. How to reduce tummy
  5. How to boost immunity