More than Half of Google’s 100 Billion Searches a Month are on Mobile Searches


Google searchGoogle is by far the world’s leading search engine to the point that many refer to the act of searching on the web as Googling even when not using the service.  Google’s search service has 70% market share followed by Microsoft’s Bing with 9.8%, Yahoo search follows with 9.5%. Currently, Google gets over 100 billion searches a month, which is an astronomical figure. Speaking to Re/Code, Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, half of all searches conducted via the service take place on mobile devices. The mobile searches include devices with screens lower than 6″ meaning tablets are not included.

Google recently revamped its mobile search display specifically when users are searching for mobile applications. The goal of such improvements may be to make it easier to discover and install applications directly from mobile app stores. This is in effect weeds out a lot of third party links which have always topped Google search results. They now take a back seat as users have the option to expand the grid of applications presented when they search and only get to see other search results at the very end.

In addition, Google has recently included Tweets into its search results  including for searches on mobile devices. When one searches, important and popular tweets appear when they pertain a users search term. Users can then opt to see more of the Tweets on the topic or proceed to other relevant information regarding the search.