Twitter partners with Samsung and the NBA to showcase 360 degree video



360 degree video is cool! It is more immersive than traditional video thanks to the way it allows you to see around the place just like you would have experienced it in real life. We have seen 360 video support being implemented by the likes of YouTube and on Facebook. On Facebook’s implementation specifically, when you view a 360 degree video while on the official app, you can pan around the video by tilting your phone sideways which is cool!

There has been a conspicuous party that failed to join on the 360 video rush and that is Twitter. Well, today they have joined this cool club and it is a partnership with other companies. According to a report by the Verge, Twitter has a partnership with Samsung and the NBA where you will be able to watch 360 degree videos on the platform.

NBA finals to use 360 degree video
Via The Verge

The partnership is a unique one. Samsung’s Gear 360 camera was used to film the 360 degree videos which were sent out by NBA’s official Twitter account. In addition, the NBA finals will be held tonight and since there is a lot of buzz around the game, this could be seen as a ploy to attract more viewers to Twitter.

Should this be successful, it will lead to Twitter opening the platform to more users ( advertisers or the general public) which could lead to cool adverts or interesting projects made by amateur videographers. It is also a platform for Samsung to market their Gear 360 camera which is geared to be used for VR (Virtual Reality) and also for making 360 videos.