The Curious Case of How Kenyans Turn Negatives into Humour


As a country, we experience a lot of downsides every week and despite these unfortunate outcomes, we find a way of creating humour out of the situation. We are a country of optimistic people and this has been shown quite well in this age of social media where people turn what seems to be a negative situation into a positive one. One famous situation was when CNN named Kenya as a “hotbed” of terror which led Kenyans on Twitter to turn around the situation by posting why Kenya is the place to be.

The past week has been marred by what has been known as Teargas Monday. Kenya’s opposition has been organizing protests to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). A lot of photos were shared across social media of the protest on Anniversary Towers in Nairobi where leaders and people alike were juxtaposed within the cloud of teargas.

Well, today is another Monday and there was another protest arranged by the opposition towards the IEBC. Kenyans on Twitter this time round decided to make fun of the protest by posting “scenarios” of the impending protest.

Teargas testing

“Helmets” procured for the demo

More weird helmets.

Its like helmets are a recurring theme here

This guy likened some people will play tennis with the tear gas canisters like shown on this photo.

The guy on the right became famous thanks to the last protest and now has been photoshopped as a rugby player.

Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm

Need say more?