Instagram Will Never Be The Same Again



Instagram has had quite the evolution since its establishment in 2010. It was initially an iOS app and later on was ported to Android and Windows Phone. For a relatively long time, it has remained as an app that lets you upload photos, slap a filter on it and share it to your friends within Instagram or on other social networks.

But, there has been a change in the horizon after Facebook bought it for a cool billion dollars back in 2012. Instagram was now expected to make money where now Facebook started to monetize it by creating its ad framework that now boasts over 200,000 partners. That is all good and all but the biggest change (and most controversial) was announced earlier this year where they were planning to ditch the chronological order for an algorithmic one.

Well, they are now rolling it out to all users and they laid out the positives of having the new order. Apparently in the last few months it has been in test, people have been commenting more and liking photos more which is good for Instagram. This comes at a time when people actually petitioned against this new timeline order and the company promising to listen to feedback about the whole issue.

They decided to go ahead and roll it and this means that it your beloved Instagram is a whole new beast. Posts on your feed will be ordered according to what you engage the most so that you won’t miss posts from your friends. In addition, Instagram made a huge change to its design where they introduced new icons for its apps and a refreshed design for Instagram which symbolizes they are not afraid to try bold things to make sure they remain relevant to the over 400 million users. The new Instagram is here to stay and to make lots of money for its parent company, Facebook.