NTSA to Introduce Point-based, Smart Licenses in Kenya



The NTSA is a body charged with the mandate of managing the transport sector in Kenya while at the same time ensuring reduction in the number of lives lost due to road carnage. The body has been keen on inculcating technology in its activities in a bid to improve efficiency. In 2014, NTSA announced plans to launch high-tech number plates in the country. The launch was slated to take place this month but a court case delayed the launch which is expected to take place in July, following an out of court settlement of the matter. The smart number plates will store among other information the car’s chassis number, the vehicle’s make, type, colour, engine, transmission, date and place of manufacture; insurance validity, owner’s.

In addition, NTSA is set to take over all activities related to auto transportation in Kenya including registration and inspection of motor vehicles. Consequently, NTSA will launch a portal to allow Kenyans conduct these activities online. For instance, owners of public transport vehicles will have the ability to schedule inspection for their vehicles in advance. To minimize revenue leakages, payments will be made via mobile money as is with the eCitizen platform. Upon printing the receipt, one will walk into an inspection zone and the inspection will be done against a checklist also available online. Motor vehicles dealers will also be required to abide by the same rules, where they will register the vehicles on the NTSA website including the number plate. The physical procedures will be limited to collection of logbooks. The process will also be taken online and will last 10 minutes.  Already, the authority is implementing the same with motorcycle dealers.

In addition, the authority is planning to launch smart driving licenses which will do away with the traditional licenses. These licences will also come with a point system where a users will get points deducted for various traffic offenses. Once they exhaust their point system, they will then have their driver’s license confiscated for a period of time. The license will also allow for the mapping of a motor vehicle to its owner such that its easier to find lost cars or even catch traffic offenders. The NTSA will also be looking to introduce instant fines as a means of eliminating graft in the public system.


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