Google Abandons Merge Tabs Feature in Latest Update to Chrome for Android


After releasing version 51 of Chrome for the desktop, Google has also made the same available on Android. Generally, Chrome 51 brings several bug fixes and improvements to the mobile browser. One noticeable omission is the “Merge tabs and apps” option found in the browser’s settings.

The option appears to have been axed by Google in the stable version of Chrome confirming earlier fears that the feature was on its deathbed.





The “Merge tabs and apps” feature while well-intended, was confusing and never hit it off with users. For users who open many Chrome tabs, it became hell since it was turned on by default and one had to go to the settings to stop web pages from showing up in the task switcher alongside open apps. Once turned off, it appears, no one ever bothered to reactivate it and Google has been taking notes. RIP.