Facebook Now Allows Video Comments


Facebook's New Notification tab update

One of the many ways we use Facebook is commenting on our friend’s comments and this has evolved from posting comments in text to adding photos and also replying to specific people within the comments. But, what if you wanted to reply to someone using a video? You could do that with a social network like Twitter and it was kinda disappointing you couldn’t do that on Facebook.

Well, now that is the past as Facebook announced that you can now comment on your status update using a video. Apparently this was made during the company’s famous hackathons (50th this time round) and it was a prototype at the time. This was done to enable “more engaging and immersive conversations” and will join the other ways of commenting on a post like addition of emojis, stickers, links and photos.

It is rather easy to do this. There is no dedicated video button so you will need attach those videos by tapping on the camera icon (multimedia icon in this case) within the comments.

This move is not surprising since Facebook is betting big on video as the platform to keep its 1.65 billion people engaged. Engagement is important for any social network as low activity means it is practically dead and Facebook does not want a situation like that. They now have a platform for regular video, Live Videos complete with a Live map and a way to search for all these videos within Facebook so that there will be no need to search for videos anywhere else.

These changes have been effected globally on desktop, Android and iOS so get started on replying to your friends posts with videos!