Kenyan Made Game Draws Name and Fame from Bungoma Helicopter Hangman

Bungoma hangman

One of the many activities we undertake on our smartphones is playing games and that is why there are dedicated sections of the various app stores where you can download games. Kenyan developers ave not been slacking and we have seen them coming up with interesting ones.

This next game went viral yesterday and it is based on an incident we saw in the news about a certain guy who hang on a helicopter in Bungoma where the incident was shown in the video below.

This incident was discussed widely on social media thanks to the daring stunt and was quickly named the Bungoma Hangman by the media. That inspired one developer to create a game that is inspired by that situation and it is no surprise it has gone viral!

Again not surprising is the title of the game: Bungoma Hangman. The game is available on the Play Store as a 25MB download. If you have not yet downloaded it, it looks something like this.

Bungoma hangman

The game play is rather simple. You only need to hit the ridiculously large play button which ultimately leads your character to rush to the helicopter and quickly hang on it. The objective of the game is to hang on the helicopter as long as possible while controlling the helicopter by using the up and down virtual buttons. There is a strength indicator bar at the top that diminishes as you progress within the game and you can replenish it by “eating” the ugali, sukuma or chicken that appear randomly within the course of the game. These icons do not appear for long and you have to be quick to acquire them. The developer had to include a way to impede your progress in the game and the villain in this case is a flying bird that will crash the helicopter if it comes into contact. (really?)

Nevertheless, it is a popular game and so far it has an impressive 4.6 star rating on the Play Store and many user reviews which are generally positive. One caveat is that people are asking for a back button and this could be implemented since the developer promises updates soon on the app details.