Two Kenyan Made Game Apps Video Review


Kenyan developers are really stepping up when it comes to app development, and game developers have not been left behind either. There is a lot that can be said about good design when it comes to applications, more so for games because as a developer you want people to have a reason to keep playing your game. Nobody wants to play a crappy looking game, no matter how awesome the game play is. Game play and design must go hand in hand in creating a worthwhile gaming experience.

In his review, Emmanuel Chenze described the first game, Tumtafune as a very good time killer during the weekend and he is right. This game is down right addictive. Literally, once you start playing, you really do not want to stop doing so, adding to its appeal. It is simply done with simple graphics that work well with the environment and the story line of the game. Check out his article for of his review.

Now the second game I’d like to introduce is Jump Chaos Chase The Seven Mims. I know, that is a mouthful. Despite its rather long name, it is a simple game really whereby you have to help a creature (I would assume is referred to as a mim) go up a number of steps/levels/floating land/ platform-like things while escaping other black creatures that lead to you imminent death. As you go up, you create chaos by breaking glass (I do not know why)


I have to be honest, its a pretty hard game to play, well in my case at least, because despite numerous tries, I cannot seem to get past a best score of 2! This reminds me of another frustrating game that I could barely make it further than 5, Flappy Bird!Why do people do this to us!

It is integrated with Google Play Services, so signing in gives you access to a leader board you can use to judge your prowess.


My only quarrel with this game is the name really (and maybe the fact that I cannot do better than 2). Otherwise it is a very good companion once you find yourself in a position where you need to sink your head down to your phone.

You know what? Coming to think about it, I think this could be an awesome conversation starter at a party. Get some competition going.

Watch my video review of them to get feel of their game play

Check them out and share with me your high score and ill see if I truly suck or i’m quite good!


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