Current and Former Safaricom CEOs Sue Blogger Nyakundi for Defamation



A few weeks ago, we told you that National Bank of Kenya had gone to court seeking orders barring the blogger from defaming the bank on his blog or on social media accounts. The bank claimed the articles on Cyprian’s blog were damaging its reputation and thus sought compensation for the damage caused thus far.  The court has since granted an injunction barring Nyakundi whether by himself, his agents or his employees from publishing or causing to be published any statements defamatory of the National Bank of Kenya, its shareholders, directors and or employees pending determination of the case. The bank was also allowed to serve the blogger the summons via WhatsApp.

Prior to the National Bank of Kenya case, the blogger had been sued by Telco Safaricom for Slander. Safaricom further obtained injunctions prohibiting the blogger from further publishing other defamatory articles about Safaricom & a mandatory injunction to pull down from his blog articles that are defamatory to Safaricom. In an interesting turn, former and current Safaricom CEOs have sued the blogger for defamation owing to a series of articles on his blog. The two filed an injunction under certificate of urgency in Milimani law courts, with the matter set to be heard on 28th June 2016. So what are the allegations? According to this Tweet by Robert Syundu, Cyprian made defamatory statements against the CEOs and the Telco alleging that there was massive corruption at the organization. These included allegations of suppliers being blacklisted for failure to give kickbacks. He also alleged the former CEO earned the nickname Mr. 10% for seeking 10% kickbacks from suppliers. View the tweet below.


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